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School age children who live in Kennedy typically attend school in the Kittson Central School. The Kittson Central School (K-12) is located in Hallock, MN. It is a school district combining the communities of Hallock, Humboldt, and Kennedy. We have 23 teachers serving 240 students. We also have a preschool with 37 three- and four-year-olds. Besides the regular high school curriculum, we also offer a variety of dual credit courses. Our students regularly rank among the top students in the state in standardized testing. Numerous extra-curricular activities and athletics are also available for students. We are part of an athletic co-op, Kittson County Central Bearcats, with neighboring Lancaster High School.

Kittson Central School

444 N. Ash Ave

PO Box 270

Hallock, MN 56728

(218) 843-3682

There are also schools located in Lancaster and Karlstad.

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