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Working in Kennedy

A Farming Community

Kennedy, Minnesota, is a farming community, built by immigrant famers in the late 1800s and sustained by area farmers today. The soundtrack of the community, the rhythm and the tempo, is directed, dictated actually, by nature's seasons and how the farmer interacts with them.

Kennedy in the winter, blanketed by heavy snow, is quiet and sleepy. Crops are hauled from bin to elevator, maintenance is done on equipment, and farmers sneak in an off-season vacation.

Spring, summer and fall are the busy times, with long days in the fields and, sometimes, short, sleepless nights interrupted by worry about the weather, the river, or input costs and market prices.

Businesses and employment opportunities in the Kennedy area, from the factory to the store, from the bank to the local bar and restaurant, all thrive or fail in step with the farmer.


Business Development

The City of Kennedy participates in two business development programs to assist businesses located within the City. Additionally, the City has free lots available for viable existing businesses or new businesses that meet the required criteria.



Major Employers

Local Employers

There are 19 businesses operating in Kennedy. A complete list of business names and contact information is available. Click Here for details.

Regional Employers

There are numerous employers in the surrounding areas that may be looking to hire. Click here for details.

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