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Baseball Field Rules

Coaches and managers are to enforce these rules during and after all games and practices:

  • Park in designated parking areas only, unless special assistance is needed for individuals with handicaps.

  • Do not drive on field or grounds area.

  • During practice and games, all equipment must be kept in their designated holding areas.

  • Pitchers should warm-up in designated bullpen areas only.

  • Do not use backstops or the fences for batting practice.

  • There will be only one player in the batting circle at one time.

  • Any player in the batting circle or coaching first or third base must wear a batting helmet.

  • Participants should stay in the dugouts when not batting, on base, pitching or fielding.

  • Do not stand on benches or wood openings while wearing cleats.

  • Do not allow non-participants in the dugouts.

  • Rake the mound (baseball field), the home plate, and the base areas before leaving.

  • Fill-in any holes in field before leaving.

  • Return bases and equipment to the equipment storage room located in the home dugout.

  • Store chalk and chalking equipment in the concession stand building.

  • Pick-up trash in the dugouts, grandstand, and surrounding areas.

  • Place garbage in garbage cans.

  • Sweep dugouts and grandstand.

Please keep this area safe and clean!

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