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Other Services

Garbage Collection

Monday is Garbage Day

  • NORTHERN SANITATION is the City of Kennedy's contracted garbage service provider.

  • Have garbage curbside by 8:00 A.M., on Mondays.

  • All garbage must have a green City of Kennedy sticker attached to it.

  • The green City of Kennedy stickers are available for purchase at the City Office, KodaBank Kennedy branch, and Gullander's Hardware in Hallock. 

  • These garbage stickers cost $11.20 per bundle of 10. Garbage sticker purchases made at the City Office can be charged to your water bill. 

Monthly Garbage Fees: (not including tax)

  • Monthly service fee - $13.00

  • 48 Gallon Tipper Cart - $28.00

  • 64 Gallon Tipper Cart - $32.00

  • 96 Gallon Tipper Cart - $40.00

  • Dumpster Dump Rate - $8.25/yard 

  • City of Kennedy garbage stickers - $11.20 (bundle of 10)

Garbage Services are billed monthly by the City of Kennedy on your utility bill. 

Recycling and Brush/Compost Sites


Recyclable material can be placed in the recycle bins located on E. 5th Street, east of the City shop. Accepted items include plastic, aluminum, tin, newspaper and and magazines. Please read the sign posted next to the bins for more information. 


Compost Pile

A compost site is located in the southwest area of the City, by the baseball field.

The Kennedy Compost Site is Not a Garbage Dump! The compost pile is not a place for your beer bottles or cans, plastic garbage bags or your old wooden furniture. The City would like to keep this compost service open to our residents but we need everyone’s cooperation to do so. PLEASE work with us to make this possible.


Disposal of Miscellaneous Items

Kittson and Marshall County operates a transfer station located east of Hallock, MN, on Highway 175. Household items and other materials are accepted for disposal here. For more information call the site at 218-745-4581.

The City of Kennedy also does a citywide clean-up in May of every year. Residents will be notified ahead of time. They then may call the City Office to schedule a pick-up of large miscellaneous items, e.g., appliances, TVs, mattresses, etc. Once the City has been notified, items may be left at curbside on the appropriate day and the City will pick-up and dispose of them. A fee will be charged dependent on the number and size of items. 

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