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Building Permits

Building Permits within the City of Kennedy are regulated by Kittson County, as Kittson County has countywide zoning.

Building Permit Requirements

A building permit is required if you are planning to build a structure, add on to a structure, or move a structure onto your property. Specifically, permits are required for the following situations:

  • when a structure is built or moved in, including signs and fences;

  • when a structure's footprint is changed, including the addition of decks or steps;

  • when the layout of the residence is changed to add more bedroom space (a bedroom has a closet); and

  • when dealing with demolition sites, disposal of contaminated soil, landfills, wetlands, underground tanks and digging or filling in a well.


Obtaining a Building Permit



  • contact the City office either in person or by telephone;

  • describe the planned construction activity; and

  • pay the $25 Buidling Permit Fee.




Kittson County has defined a series of fines to be levied for building within the County without a permit. The County Ordinance also states any landowner in violation of the Ordinance may be prosecuted and charged with a misdemeanor.

  • $100 fine when Building Permit is obtained within seven days after the construction;

  • $250 fine when Building Permit is obtained between eight and ninety days after the construction; and

  • $500 fine when Building Permit is obtained more than ninety days after the construction

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