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Sidewalk Policy

The goal and purpose of this "Sidewalk Policy" ("Policy") is to create guidelines for property owners in the "City of Kennedy" ("City") with regards to the repair and/or replacement of sidewalks, with an emphasis on public safety and fiscal responsibility.

  • Permanent Sidewalks. The sidewalk running parallel to U.S. Highway 75 shall be designated a "Permanent Sidewalk" ("Permanent Sidewalk"). The City has determined Permanent Sidewalks benefit the community as a whole, and will, therefore, be maintained and repaired with general tax dollars. The replacement of Permanent Sidewalks, and the curb and gutter adjacent to them, will be funded by the City's General Fund, with a request for cost sharing submitted to Minnesota's Department of Transportation.

  • Repair and Replacement. Keeping in mind the expense of sidewalk repair and replacement, the City will use discretion and good fiscal judgment in determining when and where sidewalks shall be repaired or replaced.

  • Removal Without Replacement. Removal of a sidewalk, without replacement, may occur under two circumstances in the City: 1) if the abutting property owner petitions the City for such a sidewalk removal without replacement, and the City determines the sidewalk removal without replacement to be in the best interest of the public; or, 2) the City, by its own motion, seeks the removal of a sidewalk without replacement. Under both circumstances, the issue must be brought forward as a Resolution before the City council, motioned, seconded, and passed by a three-fifths majority.

  • Replacement. If a property owner would like to replace a sidewalk abutting their property, they may do so with council approval by Resolution. Upon approval, the property owner will be assessed 100% of the costs to replace the sidewalk. The replacements costs, plus interest, may be assessed to the property owner over a period of three years.

  • Curb Cuts & Driveway Approach. All curb cuts and driveway approaches benefit the affected property only. Therefore, the property owner will be responsible for 100% of the cost incurred in the repair or replacement of a curb cut or driveway approach, without the option to have the repair assessed to the property over a period of time. The City must be notified prior to any repairs or replacements. The City will monitor the project to ensure the area is returned to original specifications and the process adheres to this Policy.

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