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Snow Removal Policy

1. Introduction

The City of Kennedy believes that it is in the best interest of the residents for the City to assume basic responsibility for control of snow and ice on city streets. Reasonable ice and snow control is necessary for routine travel and emergency services. The City will provide such control in a safe and cost effective manner, keeping in mind budget constraints and optimal utilization of city employees and assets. The City can and will use city employees and equipment and private contractors when necessary to provide this service. This policy does not relieve the operator of private vehicles, pedestrians, property owners, residents and all others that may be using public streets, of their responsibility to act in a reasonable, prudent and cautious manner, given the prevailing street conditions.

2. Ice and Snow Start-up Criteria

The Maintenance Supervisor will determine when snow and ice control operations will commence. The criteria are as follows:


            A. Snow accumulations of 3 inches or more.

            B. Drifting of snow that causes problems for travel.

            C. Icy conditions which seriously affect travel.

            D. Time of snowfall in relationship to heavy use of streets



3. Plowing Procedures

Snow will be plowed in a manner so as to minimize any traffic obstructions. In times of extreme snowfall, streets will NOT always be completely cleared of snow. Follow up snow removal will be accomplished after safe travel conditions have been established throughout the city and required priority areas have been cleaned up.

4. Priority

The Kennedy Fire Hall and First Street will have snow removed first.  All City streets will be plowed and cleaned after the Fire Hall and First Street is completed.  In the event of a medical emergency requiring an ambulance, the City will remove all snow necessary to accommodate the emergency response vehicles access to the emergency location. Alleys will be completed after City streets.  Snow removal operations may also be delayed depending on weather conditions and personnel availability.

5. Weather Conditions and Personnel Requirements

Snow and ice control will be conducted only when weather conditions DO NOT endanger the safety of city employees and equipment. City employees normally work an eight hour shift. However, if required overtime or multiple shifts may be required, the Mayor and City Council will determine the need, number and duration of snow removal efforts based on current conditions and forecasted weather conditions.

6. Use of Salt and Sand

The City will use sand, salt and other chemicals when required. The City is concerned about the use of these chemicals and the effect they have on roads and vehicles and will only use them in extreme conditions.

7. Commercial and Residential Driveways

Residents and commercial property owners are responsible for removing the snow from their own private drives and mailboxes.  The city will not remove snow from commercial or residential driveways.  Snow pushed to the curb or snow that has been wind rowed to the curb as part of the cities follow up snow removal and street safety cleanup program will be the responsibility of the property owner or resident.

The owner or resident of the property will be responsible for creating personal or public access to the city streets and alleys by removing any snow left in the driveway.

8. Violation

Under Minnesota Statute, section 169.42, depositing snow and ice within the public right-of-way and on another person's property is deemed to be littering, punishable as a misdemeanor.  Violations of this policy may result in a fine of up to one thousand hundred dollars ($1,000), per incident. 

Policy Adopted by the Kennedy City Council this 12th day of November, 2019.

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